The Liquid-Plumr Bellows Toilet Plunger

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Item No.:OLF4003
The Liquid-Plumr Bellows Toilet Plunger is a reliable and extra powerful plunger for the toughest clogs
The accordion design applies more force to clear tough clogs fast
Extra long handle keeps hands dry
The plunger works on all toilet designs
Ergonomic handle makes use comfortable

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Optimal Pressure: You will be amazed at how well your new professional bellows plunger works. This plunger specializes at unclogging stubborn obstacles and blockages, and provides more concentrated power than traditional plungers.

Easy to Use: This bellows plunger utilizes the water in your toilet to aid in plunging and provide maximum plunging power with minimal effort.

No Fold Lip Design: Our no fold lip design significantly minimizes the risk of splash back and is wipe clean to fight against nasty build up.

Multi-Functional: This plunger works on all types of clogs for all standard toilets. It also works great on kitchen sink drains too!

New Colors: Choose from our selection of new colors. We have a host of colors to match with your style and help you plunge away your troubles.


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