Easy Wringing Twist Mop, with 53 inch Long Handle, Wet Mops for Floor Cleaning, Commercial Household Clean Hardwood, Vinyl, Tile, and More

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Stainsteel Pole
Size:103 to 133 cm
Refill:Catton Yard

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A new way to use mops!
[self squeezing mop] This self-wringing twist mop uses the ratchet wheel on the handle to screw out the water at the head of the mop. Wipe the floor with a wet mop so that your hands never touch the water. If you clean the floor with a mop and don't want to touch dirty water, twisting the mop will be your best choice.

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[key points of mop design] Self wringing mop system, with a cleanable microfiber mop head, has excellent water absorption and is the best household wet mop. It has good performance when used as a dry mop, and is also suitable for commercial and industrial applications. The handle is 52 inches (133cm) long and long enough to clean the floor without bending down.

[superfine fiber twist mop]  microfiber twist mop has super adsorption capacity, which can tightly absorb dust, hair and dirt, making floor cleaning easier and simpler; it has good water absorption, and it is easy to absorb water on the floor when cleaning the floor.

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[widely used mop] Twisting mop is very suitable for cleaning bamboo floor, hardwood floor, tile floor, laminate floor and other kinds of floors. It is very safe and easy to clean your floor. When you encounter stubborn factors in the process of cleaning the floor, the scrubbing pad on the top of the mop head helps to remove stubborn stains on the floor.

[easy to install, store] mops can be easily assembled in a few simple steps. The screw dry mop features a specially designed screw off microfiber mop head, which is easy to remove and you can quickly replace the mop head. The top of the handle is designed with a hook hole, which can be easily hung without taking up too much space after using the wring mop.

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