Broom and Dustpan Set – Upright Standing Dust Pan with Detachable Broomstick for Easy Sweeping – Easy Assembly Great Use for Home Kitchen Room Office Lobby

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Broom can let you reach every corner and place, even under the sofa, so you can keep your space spotless!


Convenient dustpan: this magic dustpan is designed for your convenience, so that you can have perfect results without trouble! There is a rubber lip on the edge of the dustpan, so that all dust and dirt will be swept into the dustpan instead of under it. It also has built-in teeth, so you can comb the broom bristles to keep them clean of debris and excessive dirt.


Space saving design: the intelligent design of the broom and dustpan set makes it a perfect small storage cabinet because it is very compact to maximize space saving. The broom can be buckled on the dustpan and stored upright or folded, which is convenient for storage and movement.

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High quality: the broom and dust pan are carefully made with the best quality materials, so you can enjoy unique durability. The steel handle is super strong, so it can be in the best condition for the next few years, no matter what happens and the dustpan is made of sturdy ABS plastic perfect result.


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